Mura makes managing and updating your site's content incredibly simple.

You can just browse to the page you want to update, log in, and within less than a minute, make your changes and publish the page. It's that easy, and that fast. If you can use a word processor, you can use Mura.

Worry-free editing

Mura's powerful templating engine lets users edit and add content without worrying about accidentally breaking a page's layout.

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Change Sets = content management nirvana

When you need to make changes to multiple pages at once, and publish them all at the same time, Mura has what you need.

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Scheduled content publishing

Take the night off, or sleep in. There's no need to work extra hours to get that press release posted first thing in the morning - with Mura, just set the date and time you want your content to show up on the site, and you can hit the snooze button a few more times. 

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Copy and paste entire pages and sections

Got a page set up just right? Need to make another like it? 

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Permissions and workflow

Would you like Jim in HR to be able to post job listings, but not ready to give him access to the entire site? (We don't blame you; we all know someone like Jim).

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Built-in help

Mura's been developed to be as easy and simple as possible. But if you're ever unsure of what a control does, our built-in help system is there to give you the info you need. 

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